Let`s Get VoIP Related Questions Cleared Up

About VoIP

General Information about VoIP

What is VoIP?

VoIP is an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol. In plain language, it`s a phone service, which allows making low cost or free calls over the Internet.

What is Internet Protocol?

Internet protocol is used to provide access to the Internet and websites. It makes it possible exchanging data with other websites.

How does VoIP work?

VoIP technology enables making calls from/to computer, landline and mobile phones. With VoIP, analog voice calls are converted into packets of data, which travel over Internet. When you call a mobile or landline phone, the data packets are converted back to an analog telephone signal before reaching the party you`re calling.

What kind of Internet connection do I need for VoIP?

You need a good Internet connection, with adequate bandwidth, such as Cable, DSL or others (wireless, T1, etc.). Generally a connection must have at least 100kbps on both the download and upload.

How secure and reliable is VoIP?

Reliability of VoIP depends on the reliability of an Internet connection and the VoIP equipment you are using. Bad installation, wrong configuration as well as poor Internet connection may cause problems. VoIP is also secure just like a traditional landline phone service. With encryption, VoIP calls can be even more secure than those placed over traditional phone lines.

What about VoIP quality?

Most of the time the quality of VoIP calls is perfect, and you wouldn`t pick it from a standard phone line. However, sometimes callers may experience such problems as slight time delay, crackly sound or dropouts.

Are VoIP Calls Cheaper than calls on traditional telephone networks?

The answer is definitely YES. VoIP calling rates are significantly lower compared with traditional telephone networks. Moreover, calls between VoIP-enabled devices are generally cost-free.

What are VoIP benefits?

First of all, VoIP saves you money. Moreover, it comes with a bundle of advanced features and tools, which can make your VoIP experience rich and sophisticate. They include call forwarding, call recording, voicemail, auto attendant, virtual numbers, etc.

Account & User Interface

Getting Started with VoIPRoutes

How can I use your service?

Firstly Sign Up by filling out the application form here. After subscription you should configure your equipment for calls through VoIPRoutes network. Test connection, make payment and enjoy.

Which currencies are available for the account?

We support only USD accounts

What is the difference between your routing plans?

  • Business VoIP is a quality based routing with the best route applied for each call
  • Premium Wholesale is a balanced quality-cost routing with the highest quality route applied for each call
  • Standard Wholesale is a cost-quality routing with the cheapest route applied for each call

Is it possible to rename my account?

No, it`s not possible to rename your account. Upon subscription you are given a unique ID, which our system uses to identify you, and it can`t be changed.

How do I change my account details?

First, login into your account, find the “Customer Info” section, choose the appropriate field, insert new info and save the changes.

How can I recover my password?

Navigate to “Login” page, write down your login and email address and click on “Forgot your password”. Your new password will be emailed to you soon.

How can I cancel my account

Open trouble ticket to request account cancelation.

How can I report my problem?

You can report your problem by opening trouble ticket or contacting our support team.

VoIPRoutes Reseller Program

About Reseller Program

How to get started with VoIPRoutes reseller program?

Send us a requesting email to be granted access to VoIPRoutes reseller program

Is there a set up charge?

There is NO setup charge 

Is there any monthly fee?

No there is no monthly fee, but reseller should maintain $300 monthly balance

Does VoIPRoutes Reseller Program have a postpaid subscription?

There is no postpaid subscription available; we work only on a prepaid basis. 

Are there any discounts for VoIPRoutes resellers?

There are no discounts for VoIPRoutes resellers; they should buy our routing plans at current rates.

Can I set my calling rates?

You can set up your own rates for selling VoIP services

Is it possible to have multiple calling packages?

You can have as many calling packages as you need. You are free to set up different packages for different customers. 

Do I or VoIPRoutes manage and support the customers I sign up?

You are a white label reseller, and it`s your responsibility to manage and support your customers. We can`t contact your customers. In the meantime, we support our direct resellers. 

How many customers can I have?

VoIPRoutes allows you to service an almost unlimited number of customers. 

I didn`t find answer to my question. What should I do?

Feel free to contact us sending a direct mail to support@voiproutes.com, live chat with us or call us at +18185391070.