Payment Methods

VoIP-Routes offers wholesale VoIP termination services with prepaid basis only.

For your convenience, we accept payment via  PayPal and Wire Transfer.  

NOTE: DIRECT Credit Card payment is not accepted, payments must be made via Paypal.


PayPal| Cascade Telecom US | VoIP Routes

Bank transfer | Cascade Telecom US | VoIP Routes

  • PayPal
  • When using PayPal for the first time the amount can’t be added immediately as we need to review your payment for crediting. After payment, we need your credit card copy (HIDING DIGITS) and PayPal
    transaction copy, where we can see your credit card’s LAST 4 DIGITS to be sent to We need this for our Finance security reasons. It takes approximately 24 hours. Your account will be credited immediately after your second payment (depending on your traffic). The handling fee is 2%. You can make payment from your VoIP Routes account clicking on PayPal button.
  • NOTE: For making the process more effective, please, mention your VoIP Routes account ID when making the first payment.
  • Bank Transfer
  • We credit your account as soon as we get your payment.
  • The handling fee depends on: bank, country, payment type.

    Minimum amount: 500$

  • For more information, please, contact us