VoIP and CRM Integration. 5 benefits to Consider

Customer Relationship Management software provides tools that enhance relationships with prospects and customers. CRM’s are a platform, where prospects browsing and buying information are added to a database. The information gathered can help customer service and sales teams make informed decisions on how to move forward with a proceeding purchase and help close a sale. Furthermore the cost saving advantages of VoIP will be reinforced with CRM integration, due to less leg work needed from employees and efficient service with customers.  

With telecommunication technology adding more benefits to the way we use our VoIP services, CRM and VoIP integration yields many benefits. The integration between CRM’s and your VoIP phone system will provide your business with advantages that will support your sales and marketing teams ultimately attract customers.  

  1.  Real-Time Calling Data

Sales teams are versed in the art of selling, a highly sort after skill in gathering and collecting necessary information to convert a lead. Sales teams help potential customer solve their problems based on collected information, which provides them the knowledge of the customer’s needs and challenges. Every interaction with prospects provides quality information to marketing, sales and customer service teams and CRM’s record this info and store it. So rather than jotting down information during a phone call, or a sales team logging information and passing it on to others teams, CRM provides collected data to all teams within one single platform.

Also service teams can log extra information comfortably after their phone call from recordings within an organized CRM application. CRM’s automatically log information regarding analytics, pages, time browsed and other important information. This all happens with your CRM integrated with a VoIP platform so that calls can be recorded and information from internet usage can be logged into CRM.  

    2.  Great Customer Experience

One great advantage of CRM and VoIP integration is the ability to upload support tickets directly onto your screen upon an incoming call. CRM’s automatically recognizes callers and gives customer service representative the necessary information within a customer’s profile with all previous logs available.

CRM personal profile on clients includes, number of website visits, what items they’ve viewed, past purchases, amount of time browsed this is all to help teams make better decisions during the conversation and throughout their buying process. Customer service teams don’t have to ask the same question previously asked by the team thus improving the overall customer experience.

   3.  Closed loop analytics

CRM data is critical for sales and marketing teams to analyze customer behavior, personas, and build strategies for marketing. CRM reports and data helps marketing departments work with sales teams in lead generation strategies and conversions. The process of sharing data with a platform that keeps the loop closed between the marketing and sales and customer service departments is called “closed loop analytics”. Conversely by logging calling data from a CRM and VoIP integration, the marketing department can test various tactics used in their marketing strategies to gain an understanding of customer satisfaction and needs to ultimately attract customers.

    4.  Increased Efficiency

CRMs collate information with the integration with VoIP phone systems. You eliminate the need of looking up customers preferences and adding information to a list. Because of the efficiency of CRM, employees can concentrate on making the sale. The ease of looking at a customer’s profile, the ability to read information from the platform so simply, provides teams to become fully attentive in their approach to customers. Data manipulation is a distracting and time consuming process deteriorating the customer experience.

  1. Effective data collection

The collection of data digitally takes away the manual labor involved in teams collecting information and often the inaccuracy of data collecting also adds to the trouble of data shared. CRM’s offers an accurate way to collect data, real time to effectively communicate with customers. The accurate information also helps teams with a better interaction with marketing and sales teams as previous manual collecting systems offered a poor way for collected data to be understood by teams. Even email can be sent through the CRM platform and data from sent and received emails can be collected ensuring a robust system for collecting data.

Once integrated, CRM’s will provide your business with many advantages. All teams will have one platform to share and diagnose information. The ability to have support tickets uploaded to your screen with incoming calls is an instant sales tool that can help teams with customer service and closing a sale. Additionally efficient data collection will help ease workload for employees and provide accurate information. With marketing and sales teams now working together and closing the gap between teams with closed loop analytics, businesses can move forward with developing strong marketing strategies with information collected from all departments.  So integrate your CRM with VoIP and get started with developing your marketing for your business from the ground up.

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