Partnering with carriers and operators worldwide, VoIPRoutes delivers affordable high quality A-Z wholesale terminations. With interconnects across A to Z destinations, we’ve secured competitive pricing for your connections that include plans designed to meet your company’s needs. We offer 3 options for Wholesale VoIP termination:

  • Business VoIP

    Does your business make a large volume of long distance phone calls?

    Designed to help businesses save on international long distance rates while enjoying the high quality of our A-Z terminations.

    • CLI guaranteed
    • Mostly direct routes
    • More backup routes
    • Professional support team
  • Premium Wholesale

    Are you a VoIP service provider looking for high quality termination?

    Designed for quality-driven carriers whose subscribers anticipate high quality routes at competitive market rates.

    • Premium quality routes (both CLI and Non-CLI)
    • Competitive market rates
    • Professional support team
  • Standard Wholesale

    Are you a VoIP service looking for cheap market prices for your destinations?

    Designed for wholesale providers who require stable quality coupled with competitive pricing on our wholesale VoIP rates.

    • Relatively high percentage of ASR/ACD
    • Stable quality
    • Low rates
    • Professional support team